Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance = Value Creation

At Seven Yield, we believe good corporate governance is fundamental in creating sustained value for all stakeholders in the long term. As such, we conduct our business with the highest integrity and expect the same of our partners.

We adopt a zero-tolerance attitude towards bribery and corruption. All directors and employees must adhere to the Anti-Bribery Policy, which states that all officers and employees of Seven Yield must observe all anti-bribery and corruption laws in the countries in which it operates, with particular focus on the U.K. Bribery Act.

In addition to the Anti-Bribery Policy, we have also put in place policies covering compliance with antitrust laws, sanctions regulations, conflict of interest and an employee Code of Conduct. Our Whistleblowing Policy allows any employee to report suspected wrongdoing for investigation without fear of reprisals.